Black EP

by The Smokes

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First release by The Smokes


released July 11, 2015

Guitar/vocals: Himes Alexander
Drums: Matt Slater
prod. Jason Campbell




The Smokes Spokane, Washington

The Smokes are a two piece garage band from Spokane WA. They play with abandon and observe a bold indifference to decency.
The Smokes

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Track Name: Blank Stare
why you standing in the hallway always?
something so pretty shouldnt stand in the dark
you know you like it so come and get it
come with me and set the charge

Its time to go

There's a rumble in the park tonight
and i hope you brought your knife
stay with me and close right by my side
stay alive and the place is ours tonight
Track Name: Everything I Wanted
Everything i wanted
is all that i continue to see before me
turns me up i'm grounded
girl i know you got it i found it in there

and now i want it all
because i like the taste
i really want it all
to lay it all to waste

everything i wanted
i'm finally upon
and i'm jaded and fading
everytime i want it
its always such a bomb
and i'll blow it baby

and now i want it all
because i like the taste
i really want it all
to lay it all to waste
Track Name: Crown
you oblige me
then you deify me
so you sink into my skin

baby i'm full blown
and im fortified
but i'm a lie
and i'll try to dilute your mind

beat the drum with your thumb
beat my heart with your tongue

youre my crown now
so make me king
or put me down

every time
i wait in line
for your eyes
to meet mine
Track Name: In Your Mouth
smoke in your mouth
engulfed by a cloud
smoke you out

blow it out blow it out
tell me what its about
blow it out blow it out
just forget about it and shout

thoughts flowing out
one by one casting doubt
undone by the crowd
choked and broken? smoke it out


smoke you outx3

Track Name: No End
Sunday, No End
you wake up every morning
Can't remember what you did
but it happened

Last Night you rang
then i got to drinking
can't remember what you said
but now its irrelevant
Track Name: Oddity
Are you gonna go with him?
will we always wonder if?
fuck the bitch and all the bullshit
fight to get it when its wanted

come on get it
its time for sinning
open up to the flame
and burn the light with me tonight

hike your skirt to get a ride
the grinding ground the lust to dust
big old hair and deep dark eyes
will get offed if you will trust her

come on get it in its time for sinning
open up to the flames
and burn the light with me tonight